SH Figuarts Dragon Ball Z Raditz Figure 17cm

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'Power level... only five. What a planet!'

Raditz is a mid-class Saiyan warrior, the biological brother of Goku and the eldest son of Bardock. He is one of the few remaining full-blooded Saiyans left alive after his homeworld was destroyed. He seeks out Goku in order to recruit him into the Frieza Force to aid in conquering planets.

In addition to his normal face, three other exchangeable facial expression parts - grinning face, screaming face, and surprised face - are included, as well as folded arms and tail parts.

Height: approx 17cm

  • Main body
  • Exchangeable hand left/right x 2
  • Exchangeable facial expression parts x 3
  • Exchangeable tail parts
  • Exchangeable posable arm parts
  • Exchangeable tail parts
  • Exchangeable auxiliary parts