SH Figuarts Dragon Ball King Piccolo 15cm

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"Don't get cocky, kid"

King Piccolo was the first Arch-Enemy of Goku before Frieza due to killing Master Roshi and Krillin, and later giving birth to his son/reincarnation, Piccolo, who became good. Goku also hated him for killing several of his others friends either indirectly or directly including Nam, and for how vile he was in general.

The powerful Piccolo Daimao, also known as the Demon King, joins the S.H.Figurarts series! It even includes a electric rice cooker and expression parts for his "Birthing an Egg" technique! Plus, a one-star Dragon Ball! The set includes the figure, four right and two left optional hands, three optional heads, a Dragon Ball (one star), an egg and an electric rice cooker.

Height approx. 15cm