Figure-Rise Standard Dragon Ball Super Saiyan Vegeta (Renewal Version)

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Figure-rise Standard welcomes Super Saiyan Vegeta!

Vegeta, more specifically Vegeta IV, recognized as Prince Vegeta is the prince of the fallen Saiyan race and one of the main characters of the Dragon Ball series.
Regal, egotistical, and full of pride, Vegeta was once a ruthless, cold-blooded warrior and outright killer, but later abandons his role in the Frieza Force, instead opting to remain and live on Earth. His character evolves from villain, to anti-hero, then to hero through the course of the series, repeatedly fighting alongside the universe's most powerful warriors in order to protect his new home and surpass Goku in power.

Final Flash and Big Bang Attack effect parts are included, along with two expressions to choose from (standard and shouting), optional hand parts, and a sticker sheet for details. Add this legendary warrior to your collection today!

-Big Bang Attack effect part
-Final Flash effect part
-Facial expression x2 (standard and angry)
-Joint parts for action base
-Sticker sheet for details x1

Release Date - July 2019
Height in cm - 14.5
Manufacturer - Bandai