Figure-Rise Standard Dragon Ball Krillin (Renewal Version)

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Figure-rise Standard welcomes Krillin!

Krillin had a brief rivalry with Goku when they first met and trained under Master Roshi, but they quickly became lifelong best friends. One of the most powerful and talented martial artists on Earth, Krillin is courageous, faithful, and good-natured. He is a prominent Z Fighter, despite usually being overpowered by the major enemies. During the latter half of Dragon Ball Z, he largely retires from fighting, opting to settle down with his family instead, becoming the husband of Android 18 and the father of Marron

Effect parts are included for an energy blast and his Destructo Disc, as well as three expressions to choose from (standard, surprised and angry), optional hand parts, and a sticker sheet for details. With the effect parts for the special techniques "Kienzan" and "continuous Kikouha" you can act out Krillin's action scenes.

Combine him with Figure-rise Standard Android 18 (separately sold) to recreate their famous scene!

-Special attack effect part x2 types (continuous Kikouha, Kienzan) x1 each
-Expression parts x3 types (standard, angry, surprised) x1 each
-Hand parts x6 types (left/right gripping, left/right flat, left/right holding an object) x1 each
-Sticker sheet for details x1

Release Date – October 2019
Height in cm – 12
Manufacturer - Bandai