Figure-Rise Standard Dragon Ball Bardock (Renewal Version)

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Figure-rise Standard welcomes Bardock!

Bardock is a low-class Saiyan warrior and the father of Raditz and Goku. Bardock's childhood until his early years in adulthood is unknown, but he is shown to lead his own squad into battle, and they are very successful in accomplishing their assignments. He is an adept fighter and a devoted Saiyan Army soldier under the Frieza Force until he realizes his tyrannical boss plans to annihilate the Saiyan race.

Bardock's characteristic scar and stern facial features are faithfully reproduced through moulded parts on his face. The kit's wide range of motion allows many dynamic action poses to be recreated.

-Expression part x2 (standard and angry)
-Hand part: left x2 types, right x2 types
-Special move effect part x2 (Spirit Ball charging, shooting)
-Special move effect part base x1
-Sticker sheet for details x1

Release Date – February 2020
Height in cm – 15
Manufacturer - Bandai