Dragon Ball Limit Breaker Golden Frieza

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DRAGON BALL LIMIT BREAKER 30cm GOLDEN FRIEZA ACTION FIGURE: Fans, collectors, and kids of all ages will be thrilled by this 30cm figure that allows them to step into the world of Dragon Ball Limit Breaker

DESIGN INSPIRED BY POPULAR ANIME TV SERIES: Bandai’s Dragon Ball Super Limit Breaker figures are so authentic and realistic you can recreate the epic battles and favourite moments from the Anime TV show

ANIME INSPIRED PACKAGING: Figure comes packaged with impressive and cool Japanese manga inspired design

SUPER SIZED AND AMAZING ARTICULATION: These high-quality, well-crafted 30cm scale figures have 5 points of articulation and are perfect for pose, play, or display

A WHOLE DRAGON BALL LIMIT BREAKER WORLD AT HOME: Fans can collect more 30 cm Dragon Ball Limit Breaker figures (each sold separately by Bandai)

Dragon Ball Limit Breaker